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Choosing Between Pvc Strips offers an assortment of pvc strip curtain types which often makes it challenging for new buyers or customers not familiar with the product. 

The most common strip types used in Food Service, Warehousing and Manufacturing are 6",8" and 12" wide clear strips which come in freezer grade ( softer for low temperature applications ) and standard room grade ( ambient ). Strips that are 6" and 8" are most common in smaller to medium size doorways while 12" wide strips are common on larger bay doors typically over 9' h like garage doors. You will often see 6" and 8" wide strips on small man doors and in smaller walk in coolers and freezers while the 12" strips are commonly seen hung on larger openings with machine traffic ( forklifts going thru ) . 

Strips that are 6" and 8" are mostly overlapped 2" on each side while 12" wide strips are commonly overlapped 4" on each side. Overlaps are somewhat adjustable as the strips can simply be moved over a notch on the hardware. Adjusting for greater overlap requires additional strips while reducing overlap allows for less strips ( the extra strips can be stored ). 

Within the 6-12" spectrum of strips there are various grades in addition to standard smooth clear strips and low temp smooth strips. Double Ribbed strips are popular for high traffic applications and in some environments stay clear longer. Residue from machine traffic like oil or grease that would otherwise make smooth strips stick to each other does not occur with the ribbed type strips. The raised bumpers on ribbed strips prevent the curtains from sticking. Ribbed strips are also ideal in windy conditions since the ribs tend to lock against each other preventing the strips from flapping as easy as the smooth would. Because ribbed strips make less surface contact with pallets and machines as they pass thru, the strips also tend to flip over loads faster with less friction. 

Other common strip types include welding grade, anti static grade, anti insect grade, opaque strips that hide back rooms among many others. 


6" Wide Strips - Common in smaller doors and entry ways to 8' h 

8" Wide Strips - Common in smaller door and entry ways to 10' h 

12" Wide Strips - Common in larger doors above 10'