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How Many Types of PVC Strips Are There?

Types of PVC Strip Curtains

Flat PVC strips come in a wide variety of colors, widths, and thicknesses, and each one has the potential to be suitable for hundreds of industrial and commercial projects. Understanding the differences in these materials is helpful is choosing the right PVC strip solution from Strip-Curtains for your upcoming project or product. Be aware of these basic types:

Standard PVC Strip Curtain

When our clients think of PVC strips, this is usually the first type that comes to mind. These strips are the official standard grade in PVC strip rolls. They are most widely used as secondary doors, curtains, or other types of barriers to limit or curtail the movement of dust, pests, and other contaminants while maintaining temperatures. You'll typically see this type of PVC barrier in use on factory floors, warehouses, and other areas where goods need to be protected from excess dirt and products are climate controlled.

Common strip curtain doors are very transparent and provides excellent light transmission. Clear strips allow for greater safety in high traffic applications as operators need to see across the curtain.  PVC strips are thick enough to offer insulating properties; reducing cooled or heated air from passing to the outside air into a building or into another room, for example.

Be aware, however, that standard PVC strip curtain is not a sterile barrier. While this material is used in some food storage or processing facilities, it is typically only used in areas where food or medicine is already packaged. For environments with other stringent conditions, anti static, weld grade, or anti bacterial grades may be recommended.

Anti-Static PVC Strip Curtain

Anti-static PVC strip curtain is a material that is very similar in appearance to standard PVC strip curtain. The main difference, of course, is that it is actually made with an anti static ingredients that helps dissipate static discharge. This construction is what helps it to reduce the amount of static electricity that normally collects on standard PVC strip curtain.

Anti-static strip curtains are required for factory floors and other and other workplaces with anti-static requirements are needed. This means that they are typically used in non-dust or "clean environment" electrical workshops, clean rooms, data center and other areas where sensitive components are present.

Polar PVC Strip Curtain

Polar PVC strip rolls or low temp pvc as its often referred are used in cold storage and freezers as they remain soft even at negative temperatures and prevent cold air loss. They are very flexible and provide easy passage even at a very low temperature without any inconvenience. They are made with a special additive that keeps the material flexible in colder temperatures. This prevents cracking and or shattering in colder temperatures and keeps the material pliable and easy to pass thru.

Ribbed PVC Strip Curtain

Ribbed PVC strip curtain or double ribbed strip curtains as they are referred exhibit small external extrusions that provide a buffer against forklifts and machines. These extrusions run vertically on the strips and are off-set every 2” across the width of the strips on both sides. Ribbed Strips allow the strips to flip over pallets quicker since there is less surface contact with the passing loads. In additional because there is less surface contact with the strips, these Ribbed strips will stay clear longer in high traffic applications. The ribs also prevent the strips from sticking when oil or grease and other contaminants are passed on to the material. They are one of the most common material types.

Welding PVC Strip Curtain

Welding PVC strip curtain rolls are most often used, unsurprisingly, as welding screens or door curtains in welding workshops. This material can effectively prevent sparks, smoke, and filter ultraviolet rays to protect workers, equipment, and other business assets. Because it is fire retardant, this type of material is also used in other industries that need a fire-retardant barrier between workplaces. Be aware that this material is used in addition to other safety measures; it is not meant to replace them.

This product is often used in conjunction with welding screen. Welding screen is meant to be an additional barrier; it usually wraps around the curtain to close off any gaps. Be aware that these products are designed to be used together, one does not replace the other one.

Anti-insect PVC Strip Curtain

Insects entering an area where food, beverage, or pharmaceutical production is occurring is a very common problem. Anti-insect curtains are specially designed to reduce this issue by emitting light that repels insects, flies, and mosquitoes.

This product is widely used in commercial food preparation and packaging facilities, as well as in restaurants, hotels, and cafeterias. Again, be aware, that this material is only designed to repel insects. Other measures must be implemented along with this product for an area to meet most local food safety and preparation codes.

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