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What Are Strip Door Curtains and Their Benefits?

What Are Strip Door Curtains and Their Benefits?

Installing PVC strip curtains is one of the things you can do to improve the productivity of your business and save money at the same time. Strip door curtains can also control your workspace's temperature and increase worker productivity. What exactly are strip doorway curtains, and what types of businesses can benefit from them? Let's dive in with Strip-Curtains and learn all about strip curtains for doors.

What Are Strip Curtains for Doors?

Strip doorway curtains are flexible, transparent plastic strips that are installed in open doorways. They can serve as a replacement for doors and a second barrier. Because you can walk through strip door curtains with minimal effort, these curtains offer more safety and flexibility than a door. Strip curtains are transparent, so easy passage can prevent injuries and avoid collisions.

The beauty of strip door curtains is that the PVC material bends easily, but the long-lasting material maintains its shape even with heavy usage.

Strip door curtains come in many different widths. You can install PVC strip curtains along freezer or cooler doors, but the curtains can be custom designed for your needs.

The Benefits of Strip Doorway Curtains for Your Business

Below, we outline some of the many benefits of strip door curtains.

1. Conserve Energy

The primary reason most businesses start looking into strip door curtains is that the curtains help conserve energy, thereby saving the company money. Sustainability is also important. In a world where people are becoming increasingly concerned about the environment, conserving energy is another way to build your company's credibility.

2. Contain Air Pollution

Because strip door curtains help to contain dust, smoke, fumes, and other pollutants, they can create clean work environments for any type of business.

3. Provide Noise Reduction

Warehouses, grocery stores, and other businesses can be noisy places because of the machinery and equipment used. Excessive noise can be harmful, but it is also distracting. One of the benefits of strip door curtains is that they can help to keep noise confined to specific areas.

4. Create More Comfort for Employees

The comfort of your employees is vital not just for employee satisfaction and safety. When your team members are comfortable, they will naturally be more productive.

5. Allow Unrestricted Movement

While strip door curtains are great for controlling air debris and noise, they also increase workplace efficiency by allowing people to move about without restriction. Machinery such as forklifts can also easily pass through strip door curtains.

6. Other Strip Door Curtain Benefits

Besides the benefits listed above, strip door curtains can also provide these benefits and more.

  • Divide rooms to create multiple workspaces.
  • Protect the work areas from rodents and pests.
  • Strip door curtains are safe, economical, and affordable.

Types of Businesses That Can Benefit from Strip Door Curtains

Any business that has a sterile environment or uses machinery can use strip door curtains to keep small dust particles and insects out of rooms. Here are some of the businesses that can benefit from strip door curtains.

  • Shipping plants
  • Food processing plants
  • Restaurants
  • Factories and warehouses
  • Farms and barns
  • Auto body shops

Factories and Warehouses

Businesses that operate in large spaces can use strip door curtains to maintain a comfortable temperature. For example, factories and warehouses benefit from strip door curtains because they typically have outside materials or products coming into the facility. Installing commercial strip doors can help save electricity, and employees can move into and out of the building more quickly.

Grocery Stores

Grocery stores can also benefit from strip door curtains. Not only will they be able to control temperatures more effectively, but employees can move products to and from the store more fluidly and quickly. Using strip door curtains can also keep freezer temperatures cold while allowing employees to move quickly into and out of the freezer.

Food Processing Plants

If you have a food processing business, you can benefit from strip door curtains for the same reasons that make them effective in grocery stores and warehouses.

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