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8" x .08" (2mm) Dark Weld Green Common PVC - Sold By The Foot
8" x .08" (2mm) Dark Weld Green Common PVC - Sold By The Foot

8" x .08" (2mm) Dark Weld Green Common PVC - Sold By The Foot

Used in a variety of application and industries. Common in applications where light reduction is necessary.

Standard .08" ( 2mm) thickness

Semi Transparent

Stays Flelixible to - 10 F 

US Made 

Holes can Be Punched or Drilled Out

Shipped in a Spool






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Used in a variety of application and industries. Common in applications where light reduction is necessary.

Standard .08" ( 2mm) thickness

Semi Transparent

Stays Flelixible to - 10 F 

US Made 

Holes can Be Punched or Drilled Out

Shipped in a Spool

Mount Your Industrial Strength, Universal Hanger, Install & Replace PVC strips easily. can be used in a variety of applications and traffic situations.

Jamb Mount

Jamb (Lintel) mounts are installed directly overhead in the doorway. Measure doorway, trim hanger for exact fit.

Wall Mount

Mounts above the doorway, flat to the wall. Measure doorway, add 12" for the strips to cover the wall 6" each side of doorway.

Threaded Rod

Order your Strip Door Kit at your desired width. Universal Hanger can be used suspended by a threaded rod.

The first step to selecting the proper strip width & overlap is to determine your doorway size in conjunction with the type and volume of traffic.


We made it easy for you.

Choosing the perfect Strip Width & Overlap configuration for your use cases is not that hard. We made it easy for you with our handy guide so you can lock in on your purchase, confidently.

8" Strips & 50% Overlap

Industry Standard Most Common

Most versatile PVC strip door that will withstand pedestrian traffic and also accommodate the person walking with the hand truck. An effective plastic strip barrier, right in the middle in terms of effectiveness and ease of access.

6" Strips & 67% Overlap

Smaller Doorways, Most Economical

Using less overlap with a more economical material is suitable for smaller doorways and pedestrian only traffic. Consider heavier strip for bigger openings or motorized traffic. Light duty solution for walk-in coolers.

8" Strips & 100% Overlap

Industry Standard Full Overlap

Two layers of strips across the doorway, for when larger strips are too heavy. Used mostly to save energy and control negative and positive air pressure, wind, seal off air, noise, dust between the office and warehouse openings.


Walk-In Freezer Industry Standard

Smallest strip in full overlap, two layers of strip across the hanger, provides the perfect seal for walk-in freezer applications. Also used for smaller openings as an economical barrier for air pressure, temperature, noise, dust.


Heavy Duty, Big Openings, Machine Traffic

Big heavy strip for large openings, forklift traffic, trucks and machinery. Uses less material and easier to pass through than full overlap. If lighter loads are typically carried, too heavy of strip may drag product off of the forklift.


Economical Commercial Industrial

Industry standard strip width, using less overlap requires less strip material and makes perfect for high traffic pedestrian traffic. Carry loaded serving trays or boxes through with ease, Good for walk-in coolers.


Air Pressure & Energy Savings

Full overlap with largest and heaviest strip, curtains extra large doorways, heavy machinery, forklifts, loading docks or exterior doorways with excess wind. Openings with high levels of negative and positive air pressure.

Other Considerations: The Opening Size to Load Ratio
If your opening is small in relation to the size of the load being transported you should consider using smaller PVC strips with less overlap as the strips will be more prone to drag over the load. For example, on a 96" high opening with an 84" high typical load, we would recommend using 8" strips versus 12" strips.

Conversely, you should consider going to larger vinyl strips and/or more overlap when placing a strip door in larger openings or those with draft conditions.

Every available Industrial Strength PVC Strip Material option for your application, meeting Federal and International standards for Incidental Food Contact.

Cut Sheet | Technical Specifications | Certificate of Compliance


The Industry Standard

Crystal clear separation, flexible smooth PVC strip for a variety of custom applications, indoor or outdoor from -10° to 150° F. Versatile and economical for a wide range of applications.


Heavy-Duty Industrial Traffic

Tough PVC material reduces scratching from loads, preventing wear of the PVC strip and increasing PVC strip lifespan. Perfect for Forklift & Machine traffic in environments from -10° to 150°.


Walk-In Freezer PVC Strips

Crystal clear and specialized low temp PVC formulation, ideal for restaurants, food service and food storage applications where there is a pedestrian traffic and temperatures down to -40°F.


Bug Repelling PVC

Our exclusive Anti-Insect formulation repels flying insects with Citronella and prevents infiltration of the facility. Yellow color inhibits insect’s ability to detect light behind curtain.


PVC for Dust & Static

Specially formulated PVC strip material for static-sensitive or high-dust applications. For data centers, clean rooms, manufacturing facilities, and areas with flammable materials.


PVC Privacy Curtain

Flexible, opaque black plastic strip material totally restricts the view between areas while maintaining workflow. Perfect for conveyor belt openings to prevent visual access.


Welding Safety PVC

Safely section off space and protect workers from welding hazards by blocking UV rays and providing a barrier against sparks, operating temperatures between 0° to 150° F.

Use our quick video explainers to guide you towards the correct strip door kit for your application. Feel free to call for any additional questions (877) 209 9344

Request a quote or ask a question, Our team is ready to help with answers to your technical questions, quote requests, or anything else you might need.

(877) 209 9344

Warranty Information:

Our Medium Duty (MD) hardware is designed to easily handle medium duty use such as Pedestrian & Pallet Jack. It's made of an incredibly tough state-of-the-art injection molded polymer and can be used in the coldest environments. Measuring a full 1/4" thick, this track is among the thickest available on the market today. Each piece of track is 2' long and interlocks with the adjoining piece. This makes the installation process extremely easy as there are no long, akward pieces to have to deal with. This is especially helpful (and much more safe) if the installer requires the use of a ladder. If a section less than 2' is required, the size can be easliy adjusted in the field with the use of a hacksaw. The pre-drilled mounting holes are designed to accomodate fasteners up to 3/8" diameter and can be installed as a HEADER mount or JAMB (lintel) mount so there's no need to worry if you've ordered the correct unit. The design of our strip attachment pegs is in'geniously simple. There are no clips, push tabs, locking nuts, or retaining bars to lose or fail.

The Heavy Duty (HD) hardware can handle the toughest loads that may be required on any strip door application. Made from HEAVY DUTY Structural Aluminum, this strip door mounting hardware is perfect for use with motorized traffic applications such as forklifts, tractors, and other vehicle traffic. Also, this strip door hardware system should be used on any door that is over 12' tall. Made
with 14 Ga Galvanized Steel this is the strongest hanger available. The Strips hang on the 1/4 steel studs and are held on with a steel retainer plate and locking nuts. This system was designed to last a lifetime in the harshest environments. The universal hanger system can be mounted flat to wall or up into the Door Jamb making is the right choice for all Heavy duty applications.